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Hoje é sexta. Dia de relembrar todos os gritos que Arnold Schwarzenegger já soltou em seus filmes.

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Desenhe a internet

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Você já deve ter visto essa loira…

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Quando digita uma página errada. Qual a estória dessa foto?

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Hello people.
I am the photographer who took the photo you all are talking about. I shot the series in the Kansas City area, so it is definitely not a real college campus. Here is the link to see some more from the series…

As a side note, yes, it is my little sister. I would like to add that she is very happily married. 😉

Ready for a HUGE irony? If you mistype my own domain name (using stellar instead of steller), it takes you to a parked domain page with her picture. 🙂

hannah steller parked domain girl
hannah steller anime parker ito fanart

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